Near Hot Springs, South Dakota

We’ve been on the move! After 2 nights of R&R (and many yummy home cooked meals) staying in Salida, CO, with Q’s grandparents (thank you, Henry & Kathy!) we drove north toward Summit County so we could see some of our mountain friends.

We camped in our friends’ driveways, ate their food and drank their libations (thank you David, Beth, Ed and Annette!). After briefly considering what it would be like to spend some extended amount of time mooching off each of our friends in succession until we wore out our welcome, we decided it was time to say farewell and officially begin our trip.

To be fair, we were also motivated by our new travel health insurance that only covers us if we are at least 100 miles from our home address. If that doesn’t give someone a kick in the you-know-what to get along with things, well then maybe nothing ever would.

So yesterday we drove to Laramie, WY, and camped in Medicine Bow National Forest. It was a really nice and quiet campsite, especially considering it was just a mile or two off the highway near the highest point (elevation-wise) on I-80.

Witt, Jen and Quinn sitting on a picnic table Camping in Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming

This morning we hung out at our campground for most of the morning. Witt went for a bike ride and then I participated in a teleconference for our new volunteer positions with (The Muskoka Foundation). They enlist travelers like ourselves to volunteer in one or more of the 100 or so communities that they maintain relationships with worldwide.

We are carving out our own little niche by also teaming with The Foundation for Learning Equality (FLE) to deploy the high-quality educational videos and exercises to these communities via their KA Lite product. You can learn more about their mission (and ours) in this TEDx video given by Jamie Alexandre of FLE.

After a long afternoon of driving we are now near Hot Springs, SD. We are taking a bit of a detour from our originally-planned route so we could meet a good friend who we haven’t seen since we traveled with him 8 years ago during our Africa trip. He’s in the States now and we are excited to see him for the 4th of July weekend.

Van with shower curtain Shower night at the Sparks Van

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