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5 Weeks til Departure!

Wow! This is coming up quick!

Since we don’t have any airline tickets or anything, the actual departure date is somewhat flexible. But we want to try to stick to a mid-June departure as much as we can – it would be too easy to get stuck doing “one last thing” to the van for weeks and weeks.

We’re very excited at the partnership we’ve forged between us, Do Good As You Go, and the Foundation for Learning Equality (FLE). See our volunteering page for more information. Jamie Alexandre of FLE is giving a TEDx talk on KA Lite today, and is including a map of our route in his visuals! We’ve been having coordination meetings with FLE and Do Good As You Go over the course of the past month or so, and it’s pretty much down to working with Do Good As You Go to find the first community we’ll visit and figure out what needs they have and how we can best support them.

Alice with Do Good As You Go is going to release a press release at the Overland Expo next week. Unfortunately we won’t be able to be there, but that event was the motivation for me spending a warm, sunny Saturday holed up in a coffee shop writing web content.

Other than that, we still have a long list of things to do to prepare, including some final preparations to the van, as well as logistical items like finding health insurance (which may be the subject of a boring but hopefully helpful post all on it’s own) and “losing” my drivers license a few times so I can get a couple of extra copies to hand out to unscrupulous officials during the trip. At this point all of these things fall into one of two categories – things that have to get done, and things that won’t get done.

– Witt