Hoola-hooping in Cuenca and those crazy Peruvian roads

The first part of this video was at a performance art session that we stumbled across in Cuenca. Next are some photos from roads in Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru. The last bit depicts the 2-day, 10-hour single-lane marathon between Chachapoyas and Celendín, Peru.

5 Responses to 'Hoola-hooping in Cuenca and those crazy Peruvian roads'

  1. Bobbie staggs says:

    Oh my goodness! That road! Glad you stayed safe! Cute of Quinn hoopla hooping!

    • Jennifer Sparks says:

      Thanks, Bobbie! Yeah that road was something else. Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic on it. For us, it ranked up there with the Yungas Road (“the most dangerous road in the world”) in Bolivia where we road mountain bikes down it alongside numerous buses and trucks when we visited there ~15 years ago.

  2. Jim Sparks says:

    WOW! I would not drive that road without a parachute.

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