Denali – 38 Years Ago

Thanks Witt and Jen for letting us post these old pictures. Of course, Witt was checking out the rocks at the entrance to the park – saving a few to throw in the next river. This was in July – note the clothes and boots! Oh my, I wish I would have had a camera like W&Js, ah technology –  We did see the mountain, but not nearly as clear as Witt, Jen and Quinn.You guys are very lucky and keep the pictures coming!




2 Responses to 'Denali – 38 Years Ago'

  1. Jim Sparks says:

    Amazing! Witt, in these pictures, was about the same age as Quinn is now. What was the date they taken ? You look like a real hippy family.

  2. Kathy Sparks says:

    Hey Jim, yes, we were sort of a hippy family, if I recollect, you also lived near Haight-Ashbury in the 70s – remember our visit to you and Annick? – good times.